Xtenzi Replacement Radio Removal Stereo Universal Key tool Set compatible with VRX VZ DB DRX DXZ

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Key Features

  • Designed  for the removal of your head units from your vehicle to allow for the installation of an aftermarket or replacement car audio head unit
  • Compatible with Clarion Radio Removal Stereo Universal Key tool Set
  • Compatible with all models start with VRX VZ DB DRX DXZ
  • Also compatible with Clarion part no 331048820 and 331249700

Product Description:

The car stereo radio removal keys by Xtenzi is designed for removing Clarion head units from your vehicle to allow for the installation of an aftermarket or replacement car audio head unit. Removing your radio without the correct release keys can be very difficult and even damage your unit. It is important to make sure that you purchase the correct stereo/radio removal keys for your car by firstly checking to see if your make, model and year of car is listed in the advert. Secondly by checking to see if the connection in the picture listed is the same as you have in your vehicle.

The package contains an Xtenzi easy to use instruction manual with each key properly marked to fit in the radio slots. 

The removal Keys are sold in pairs. Simply remove the radio trim ring and slide these keys into the slots on the left and right side (between the radio and the cage). Left and Right will be indicated on the keys. Then simply pull up and forward for the radio to unlock and slide out. The Xtenzi removal keys are made with great quality and durability so removing head units can be as quick and easy as 1, 2, 3.


Type-A  is compatible with Clarion cage mounted in dash players VRX610 VRX610P VRX6671Z VRX785BT VRX815 VRX815P VZ509 VZ709 T

Type-B Works is compatible with Clarion cage  mounted in dash players listed below. RB2670 ARX4670 AX410 AXZ610 BD416 CZ109 CZ209 CZ309 CZ509 DB155 DB165 DB185MP DB188RMP DB189RMP DB265MP DB285USB DB315 DB325 DB415 DB455MC DRB4675 DRX5675 DRX6675Z DRX7675Z DRX8675Z DX425 DX515 DXZ275MP DXZ375MP DXZ385USB DXZ388RUSB DXZ435 DXZ445 DXZ525 DXZ535 DXZ545MP DXZ555MP DXZ575USB DXZ585USB DXZ615 DXZ635MP DXZ645MP DXZ655MP DXZ665MP DXZ715 DXZ725 DXZ735MP DXZ745MP DXZ785USB DXZ815MP DXZ825 DXZ835MP DXZ845MC DXZ865MP DXZ925 DXZ935 DXZ945MP HXD10 M109 M309 M475 XA311 XA411 XAZ611 XD516 XDZ616 XDZ716

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