Xtenzi Wire Harness Plug Xtenzi Wire Harness Radio for Alpine Full 16 Pin CDA CDE IVA

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Xtenzi Wire harnesses are custom designed to plug into the Alpine NAV Video radio:
Premium high quality factory plug ,High impact ABS plastic molded connectors provide a perfect fit ,OEM Quality terminals:
Caution: This wire is not made by Alpine. It is a replacement wire harness for above specifications:

Product Features:

  • Main Harness Function is to connect/Install an Aftermarket Stereo. Great if original harness is damaged or lost
  • Pre-stripped wires to keep wire ends neat & uniform for EZ installation
  • Xtenzi harness are EIA standard wire colors. For Aftermarket Radio.
  • Premium Harness will work with select brand Aftermarket radio to prevent uninterrupted audio performance.
  • High impact, OEM quality, ABS plastic molded connector for the perfect fit

When replacing your Aftermarket Harness or missing Harness, the Xtenzi wire harness is a must for a quick and clean installation. It Help to install aftermarket stereo with ease. After connecting it, your install is simple as the wires will color-match according to function.
Xtenzi brand wire harness made to work as replacement for your Alpine Stereo Receivers radio. 

Compatible models: 

Function and compatibility with following:Alpine Part No: 09-01538Z08, 09-09395Z01, 09-02256Z02, 09-01538Z06, 09-01538Z08 , 09-01538Z03, 01T95205W17, 01T55473Y08

BestKits: BHALP16A
Some new models listed below that are compatible to this harness,

CDA105, CDA105E, CDA105L, CDA117, CDA117E,
CDA-7862, CDA-7863, CDA-7864, CDA-7873, CDA-7875,
CDA-7876, CDA-7892, CDA-7893, CDA-7894, CDA-78965,
CDA-7897, CDA-7965, CDA-7977, CDA-7995, CDA-7998,
CDA-9813, CDA-9815, CDA-9833, CDA-9835, CDA9847,
CDA-9851, CDA-9853, CDA-9855, CDA-9856, CDA-9857,
CDA-9870, CDA-9872, CDA-9873, CDA-9881, CDA-9883,
CDA-9883E, CDA-9884, CDA-9884E, CDA-9884LI, CDA-9885,
CDA-9885L, CDA-9886, CDA-9886M, CDA-9887

CDE-102, CDE-102E, CDE-102L, CDE-103BT, CDE-121, CDE-122,
CDE-123, CDE-123E, CDE-124SXM, CDE-125BT, CDE-125EBT,
CDE-126BT, CDE-9841, CDE-9841, CDE-9842, CDE-9842E,
CDE-9843, CDE-9843, CDE-9845, CDE-9845, CDE-9852,
CDE-9870, CDE-9870L, CDE-9872, CDE-9872E, CDE-9872L,
CDE-9873, CDE-9874, CDE-9874E, CDE-9874L, CDE-9881,
CDE-9881L, CDE-9846

iDAX-001, iDAX-100, iDAX-100M, iDAX-200
iDAX-300, iDAX-303, iDAX-305

DVA-9860, DVA-9860E
IVAD-300, IVAD-310, IVAD-901
VPAB-222, iVAD-100

Technical Specifications:

Technical Harness Specs:Brand = XtenziWire length = 6 inchWarranty = One yearPlug Style :.Molex Female 16-pin Volts : 12 V

Connections: E.I.A. Color Code

  • Yellow – 12V Constant
  • Red – 12V Accessory
  • Black - Ground
  • Blue - Power Antenna
  • Orange – Dash Light Dimmer/Illumination
  • Green – Left Rear Speaker (+)
  • Green with Black Stripe Left Rear Speaker (-)
  • White – Left Front Speaker (+)
  • White with Black Stripe – Left Front Speaker (-)
  • Purple – Right Rear Speaker (+)
  • Purple with Black Stripe – Right Rear Speaker (-)
  • Gray – Right Front Speaker (+)
  • Gray with Black Stripe – Right Front Speaker (-)

*Some additional wire has special function for more detail see radio manual or ask us

Package Includes: 

Wire harness For Radio/Stereo – Qty 1PCS.
Please see the diagram before you purchase. If you are not sure your radio is compatible you can ask us.
One Year